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We currently have 1 funded PhD positions:

Other funding opportunities to join us as a phd or postdoc

We are looking for outstanding experimentalists that are interested in and eager to participate in our research. Experience in fields such as solid-state and biological nanopores, DNA technology, single-molecule fluorescence microscopy, and other single-molecule biophysics teniques is welcomed but not required for application. The postdoctoral positions are typically for 2-4 years. PhD. positions are for 4 years.

Please contact Xin Shi (I:?]D9:o<F=6FG6?]36) for more information. Your cover letter and CV may be internally shared with group members and external committee members for review.

Read more about Belgian academic postions (salaries etc) here. Note the numbers might change every year and vary between different funding agencies. Please contact us for the most updated infomation.